Why should I purchase a beat license?

A beat license is a legally binding mechanical license agreement which permits you to create one master recording to an instrumental and distribute it worldwide. You will be legally entitled to own and administer a “℗” (Sound Recording Copyright) for your Master Recording. Every package contains the highest quality MP3 & WAV files without the tags, along with the agreement. You will not need to worry about any copyright infringements or owed mechanical royalties to the producer upon your album/mixtape/demo/single release. Profits will be totally exclusive to you from the song you create. For example, if you were to buy the “Basic” license for $29.95, then put your recorded song on the iTunes store with the price set at $0.99. You are legally licensed to distribute up to 2,500 copies, which means you would rake in a comfortable return of $2445.05!

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