FloTheProducer About Pic

FloTheProducer, formerly known as Flo2 Productions is a Music Producer hailing from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Music started for Flo back in school when underground Grime music first emerged. He started MC’ing and writing lyrics when a friend introduced him to FL Studio. He would lock himself in his bedroom for hours on end, trying to master his craft, and achieve the sound of the then greats.

Flo became immersed in the process of music production, MC’ing took a back seat and production became the main focus. He began remixing old and new R&B tracks in the style of bassline house, which made him fall in love with the production styles of Jam & Lewis, Stargate, Darkchild and Timbaland. These production styles inspired Flo and he began to teach himself how to play instruments such as guitar, piano and bass. He started uploading YouTube videos of beats created in his bedroom, which then went on to build a huge following.

He continues to build his following on YouTube, accumulating over 35 million views to date. He is now based in London, working with artists & songwriters locally and internationally; slowly pursuing his career in the music industry.