FloTheProducer About Pic

FloTheProducer is a record producer with 13 years experience in music production, recording and mixing. Avid guitar and keyboard player, Flo has racked up over 50 million YouTube views and 130,000 subscribers from beats and compositions made from his Wolverhampton bedroom. Now igniting emerging artists’ careers via his London studio; Flo’s euphonic, contemporary sound is ready to inspire a generation.

Music started for Flo back in school when the underground Grime scene first emerged. He started MC’ing and writing lyrics when a friend introduced him to FL Studio. He would lock himself in his bedroom for hours on end, trying to master his craft, and achieve the sound of the then greats.

Flo quickly became obsessed with music production, MC’ing took a back seat and production became the main focus. He began remixing R&B tracks in the style of bassline house (4×4), which made him fall in love with the production styles of Stargate, Timbaland, Jam & Lewis, The Neptunes and many other contemporary R&B / Pop producers. These production styles ignited inspiration in Flo, and he began to teach himself how to play instruments such as guitar, piano and bass.

In May 2020, Flo saw his first major label release with South London rapper Jords under Lost Ones / Virgin EMI. After producing 4 records on his debut album, Flo is shaping soundscapes for the new wave of emerging artists in London today.