flotheproducer London based music producer mix engineer mastering sessions buy beatsFlotheproducer is a British music producer, multi-instrumentalist and mix engineer with over 15 years of craftsmanship in music production, sound design, recording and mixing.

Avid guitar, bass and keyboard player; beats from compositions made in his bedroom in the early 2010’s quickly gained major popularity online.

Growing up on garage and UK top 40 music, the journey in music started for Flo back in school days when the underground Grime scene first emerged. He started MC’ing and writing lyrics when a friend introduced him to FL Studio. Then came the hours of religiously trying to master his craft, creating sounds from scratch and trying to achieve the standard of the then-greats. Obsessed with music production, MC’ing took a back seat and making beats became the main focus. He began remixing R&B tracks in the style of bassline house (4×4), which ignited inspiration from the original records and the production styles of Stargate, Timbaland, Jam & Lewis, The Neptunes and many other contemporary R&B / Pop producers of the 2000’s.

Going on to meet and collaborate with many local up-and-coming artists, he worked around the clock everyday in his studio in the 2010’s, honing the art of record production and studying the craft of mixing.

Constrained by the small-town life, he decided to relocate his studio to London, where he maintains his level of expertise. Working with cutting edge talents day-in day-out and providing the soundscape of tomorrow, he is steadily becoming a staple piece within the music industry.

Production and mix clients include: Virgin EMI Records, Island Records UK, Sony Music, Universal Music, Believe Music UK.