The Pro license is very similar to exclusive. The license is aimed towards professional artists and record labels alike, who want the perks of the unlimited clauses in Exclusive, on a budget. It will allow you to distribute your song(s) worldwide, with no worries about royalties or monies owed to the music producer. Songs can also be pitched to major labels, streamed digitally with no cap, and aired on unlimited international radio stations. The license comes with the highest quality beat stems (individual instrumentation parts) in WAV, along with the master WAV and MP3, all without the tags. The license will enable you to create unlimited master recordings, i.e. remixes or even completely different lyrical songs.

The only limit of the license is 50,000 sales for your song. You are enabled to release the song(s) and video(s) on all streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, accumulating unlimited streams. It will enable you to air the song(s) commercially on unlimited digital or FM radio stations. The license allows you to earn unlimited performance royalties and $50,000 in mechanical royalties. The performance royalties for the song will be shared at the standard 50/50 cut between the producer and songwriter.

The license also includes a sync license, enabling you to record and release unlimited music videos with synced footage. The music video sales are included within the distribution limit. This also makes the license perfect for YouTubers or advertisers who need backing music for their videos or campaigns.

The license will enable you to release your song(s) anywhere online, and offer free unlimited downloads. You can accumulate unlimited views and plays on any social platforms. The license also grants lifetime earnings from any monetizations or ads placed with your song.

Pro also enables you to request any editing or customizations of the instrumental directly from FloTheProducer or another producer. The record can only be changed by 10%, although the layout can be rearranged to your liking. Co-producers can only receive a 5% cut in any edits made.

FloTheProducer will still own the rights to the beat only. However, you will be enabled to copyright and own your song’s master recording. All licenses are granted for the entire lifetime of the licensee, providing that the sales limit is not surpassed.

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